7 Steps To Marketing Your ICO On A Budget

The most important point for any start-up hoping to make an initial coin offering is to have a solid product. Yet just having a good product isn't enough on its own. Here are 5 tips to help your message reach potential investors, all of which can be done for free or with low expenditure. 1) Create a clean, clear websites Good web design isn't free, but it doesn't have to cost a fortune either. Although your team should have [...]

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Crypto Taxes for Business: Are You Prepared When the IRS Reviews Your Returns?

We all know that death and taxes are inevitable, but have you forgotten to apply this pearl of wisdom to the tokens you own and issue? Cryptocurrencies have become a significant revenue-generation tool for businesses across the U.S. in a wide range of industries, and their revenue implications are important not to overlook. Building out your blockchain and token economy runs along the same lines as many other forms of investment and revenue generation, though your valuation is sometimes [...]

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Digital Collectibles

Digital Collectibles have proliferated, and their existence is dependent upon underlying issuing authorities which can produce multiples of the asset and reduce their intrinsic value. Digital Collectibles are cryptographically, unique, non-fungible, interchangeable digital assets and dissimilar to cryptocurrencies that require all tokens to be identical. A large proportion of blockchain’s value has accrued to fungible tokens and blockchain can also facilitate ledgers to maintain non-fungible tokens ownership. Bitcoin contains a limited scripting language and incorporates platforms including Counterparty that [...]

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Don’t Risk Breaking the Law: Make Sure Your ICO Consultant Has a Broker-Dealer License

Initial coin offerings are smashing records at breakneck speeds, and it seems the only thing that can stop them is the looming threat of litigation that will disrupt access to investors and strategies to find new revenue sources. Did you know that paying someone to find or refer investors to your ICO in exchange for tokens or fiat may require a special license and failure to have that license could put your funding sources at risk? If they don’t [...]

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Comprehensive Analysis of Simple Token

Simple Token acts as a conduit between consumer apps and crypto currencies leveraging a platform and ecosystem for apps to launch branded tokens on open scalable side chains and tokens are mined staking Simple Token and collateralised crypto assets. Consumer apps capitalise on designing, launching and managing tokens using an ERC-20 utility token and implement a cryptographic and auditable OpenST protocol. The consumer apps market comprises a multitude of barriers to adoption including limited engagement, growth and monetisation deterring [...]

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Initial Miner Offerings – Same Tune, Different Name?

Initial Miner Offerings - Same Tune, Different Name? An IMO (Initial Miner Offering) is a relatively new market offering, and is both very similar to ICOs, and yet has different possibilities and opportunities. Before we discuss the pros and cons of investing in an IMO, we need to revisit some recent history. On September 4, 2017, China imposed a ban on cryptocurrency exchanges, concerned by the increasing number of ICO scams catching out Chinese citizens. Naturally, this had a [...]

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How not to screw up an ICO with buggy code

When Satoshi Nakamoto launched Bitcoin in 2009, it stood alone as the first and the only digital currency. By the time Ethereum, the second most popular cryptocurrency by market cap, launch in 2015, the proverbial cat was out of the bag. Today, there are hundreds of digital currencies that serve a wide variety of purposes, and more new cryptocurrencies are launching at a dizzying rate. According to data compiled by CoinSchedule, there were 211 ICOs in 2017 that collectively [...]

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DAG: Powerful Decentralized Architecture

The blockchain has revolutionized the world forever. The rise of Bitcoin saw the blockchain come into the light, gaining worldwide attention. People welcomed its decentralized design and immutability over the prevalent centralized architectures. However, times changed. The blockchain quickly fell prey to low transaction speeds and scalability issues. Now DAG is all set to revolutionize the blockchain itself if experts are to be believed. DAG: the Directed Acyclic Graph is a powerful construct in computer science that offers a [...]

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Token Generalization For Tech Companies: A Paradigm Shift in Business Scaling

When Bitcoin was launched almost a decade ago, nobody could have imagined it would take the world by storm. Breaking all barriers, this virtual currency made its mark in the real world. An indelible one, indeed. It paved the way for a new decentralized future, bringing power back into the hands of the masses in a real sense. However, Bitcoin isn’t just a currency or a protocol for that matter. Its implications are far more profound - it shines [...]

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There’s a Token for That: Cryptocurrency Invades All Parts of Life

Cryptocurrencies, in their inexorable march forward, are here to consume and change everything you touch, including supplanting the iPhone’s “there’s an app for that” with an even broader “there’s a coin for that.” There have been plenty of jokes and strange coins that have come and gone, from the successful Dogecoin to big failures like Coindash and Veritaseum. It’s a wild market, with some reports suggesting more than $100 million in investment has essentially vanished into failed coinage. That [...]

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