2 04, 2018

Initial Miner Offerings – Same Tune, Different Name?

2018-04-22T00:32:09+00:00 April 2nd, 2018|

Initial Miner Offerings - Same Tune, Different Name? An IMO (Initial Miner Offering) is a relatively new market offering, and is both very similar to ICOs, and yet has different possibilities and opportunities. Before we discuss the pros and cons of investing in an IMO, we need to revisit some recent history. On September 4, 2017, China imposed a ban on cryptocurrency exchanges, concerned by the increasing number of ICO scams catching out Chinese citizens. Naturally, this had a [...]

1 04, 2018

How not to screw up an ICO with buggy code

2018-04-22T00:32:15+00:00 April 1st, 2018|

When Satoshi Nakamoto launched Bitcoin in 2009, it stood alone as the first and the only digital currency. By the time Ethereum, the second most popular cryptocurrency by market cap, launch in 2015, the proverbial cat was out of the bag. Today, there are hundreds of digital currencies that serve a wide variety of purposes, and more new cryptocurrencies are launching at a dizzying rate. According to data compiled by CoinSchedule, there were 211 ICOs in 2017 that collectively [...]

28 03, 2018

DAG: Powerful Decentralized Architecture

2018-04-22T00:32:27+00:00 March 28th, 2018|

The blockchain has revolutionized the world forever. The rise of Bitcoin saw the blockchain come into the light, gaining worldwide attention. People welcomed its decentralized design and immutability over the prevalent centralized architectures. However, times changed. The blockchain quickly fell prey to low transaction speeds and scalability issues. Now DAG is all set to revolutionize the blockchain itself if experts are to be believed. DAG: the Directed Acyclic Graph is a powerful construct in computer science that offers a [...]

26 03, 2018

Token Generalization For Tech Companies: A Paradigm Shift in Business Scaling

2018-04-22T00:32:33+00:00 March 26th, 2018|

When Bitcoin was launched almost a decade ago, nobody could have imagined it would take the world by storm. Breaking all barriers, this virtual currency made its mark in the real world. An indelible one, indeed. It paved the way for a new decentralized future, bringing power back into the hands of the masses in a real sense. However, Bitcoin isn’t just a currency or a protocol for that matter. Its implications are far more profound - it shines [...]

26 03, 2018

There’s a Token for That: Cryptocurrency Invades All Parts of Life

2018-04-22T00:32:38+00:00 March 26th, 2018|

Cryptocurrencies, in their inexorable march forward, are here to consume and change everything you touch, including supplanting the iPhone’s “there’s an app for that” with an even broader “there’s a coin for that.” There have been plenty of jokes and strange coins that have come and gone, from the successful Dogecoin to big failures like Coindash and Veritaseum. It’s a wild market, with some reports suggesting more than $100 million in investment has essentially vanished into failed coinage. That [...]

25 03, 2018

Classifying Crypto: Not All Blockchains Are Created Equal

2018-04-22T00:32:43+00:00 March 25th, 2018|

Calling all digital tokens cryptocurrencies without any distinction is like calling the U.S. dollar, Monopoly bills, redemption tokens from the local arcade, and a coupon for a free soda nothing but “cash.” While they all are used for purchasing or redemption of goods or services, inherent nuances restrict what you can do, how you can do it, and where each is accepted. We see the same thing occurring the currency cryptocurrency craze, where little distinction is made. Sometimes it [...]

11 03, 2018

Token of Significance: ERC20 And ERC223

2018-04-22T00:33:29+00:00 March 11th, 2018|

Among ICO token options, two stand out as being most important - ERC20 and ERC223. Below is an analysis of both, and the necessity of choosing a token wisely. ERC20 The ERC20 token has been the sort of ‘gold standard’ for the Ethereum token chain. The token standard has been helpful because it defines specific parameters which tokens must meet in order to be compliant with the Ethereum standard. The standard demands that tokens be capable of a certain [...]

25 02, 2018

Hackers, spammers, and other ICO security traps to watch out for

2018-04-22T00:34:46+00:00 February 25th, 2018|

If investors know when your ICO is about to happen, then hackers do too. It might sound alarmist, but it's the truth. And how could it be otherwise—with millions of dollars of virtual money changing hands, sometimes in a short space of time, an Initial Coin Offering is a honeypot for cybercriminals. But there's no need to panic: There are many prior examples to learn from in terms of potential security risks and how to pre-emptively defend against them. [...]