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Crypto Fund Administration

IBA’s in-house fund experts and global list of certified partners provide proper guidance
to create, manage, and protect crypto-related funds.

IBA’s crypto fund administration services are designed to improve the health of the fund and support investors. We take care of common administration tasks as well as perform routine audits to ensure the viability and integrity of the fund, providing financial reports and statements for both the project team and the investors.
If your financials would raise regulatory concerns, we flag the issues and help you address them or engage partners to resolve these threats to your business. As a fiduciary consultant,, we’re neutral and will provide a confidence boost for your investors. Let IBA address and manage your fund’s technicalities so you can focus on discovering the right new investments in order to optimize your revenue-generating opportunities.
You will also cut operational risks by having a professional back office that’s designed specifically to understand and address the unique space of cryptocurrencies around the world.

Build the Right Fund and Protect It

Crypto funds provide a new way for investors of all comfort levels to enter the crypto space. The structure of your fund and its relationship with advisers, asset managers, and external partners will impact your liability and compliance needs. IBA’s in-house and partner experts have audit, regulatory, and accounting specialties you can use to ensure your fund is operating correctly and safely as the global market and environments shift.

We’re here to support fund administration in a way that is auditable and transparent for the investment process, tokens, and distribution.

BA professionals and associates provide insight into the technical structure and regulatory protection for your crypto funds to drive investment and growth. We’ll help you determine:

These answers to these questions can provide you with a baseline for the proper administration and development of a crypto fund. Our guidance and support then delves into deeper requirements and regulatory considerations such as custodians, independent ownership verification, equalization accounting, and much more. If you have a fund or are considering developing a crypto hedge fund, you’ve found the right partner to protect you.


IBA offers full accounting services for any cryptocurrency hedge fund as well as hybrid funds considering crypto as part of their portfolio. These tools include a comprehensive recovery of all transactions, positions, investors, and other account information. Staying neutral allows us to put together an independently-priced portfolio based on the currencies you hold, updating a quarterly or monthly net asset value (NAV) statement. We can calculate all fees for your fund, and help you prepare for as well as to take care of performance fees based on your efforts. Also, services include a variety of cash management and movement activities requiring multiple signatures, as well as threshold management, investor relationship statements, and due diligence efforts required in multiple countries.

Keeping Operations Compliant

Crypto funds have a unique place in the overall cryptocurrency market because they have tighter regulations and more clarity in some compliance elements, while still falling under shifting and obfuscated regulatory requirements.
Some jurisdictions may be better for fund development in your preliminary stages. IBA’s partners can assist you with determining the most suitable jurisdiction based on your specific fund variables.. If you’re already an established fund and are expanding into crypto or have an existing crypto-focus, you need a smart support network to help keep you up-to-date on current regulatory burdens for your reporting, trades, management, and more. Ask us about fund formation requirements for U.S. and UK FATCA, SEC, OPERA, and much more.
We stay on top of the global market and its requirements so that you can focus on making smart investments and generating the best returns for your fund. Remember, there are many instances where laws from countries you do not have a physical presence in still apply to your fund, businesses, and taxes.

Total Auditing and Reporting Help

Is your fund being run properly and are you making the right decisions for the asset class? Crypto funds are novel enough that many managers and leaders aren’t fully aware of the regulatory requirements, so existing audits can be insufficient and lead to significant delays or costs.
Our in-house and partner experts have expertise in leading crypto markets, evaluating your fund from the management perspective with software engineering expertise.. This rare combination of insight gives us a unique capability to manage the reporting for fair value throughout the fund’s activities, with a thorough review of your existing valuation policy. Get full valuation support based on your purchase price, similar companies in the space, ICO and future token performance, and more. IBA also understands the unique challenges that you must control for, including audits for custody of assets, your internal reporting, self-custody on the platforms you use, and how to ensure KYC and AML are applied throughout your marketing and financial process.

Preparing Your Financial Statements

The health of a fund is best described in its financial statements. How do you show value and entice investors in a market that is as turbulent as the cryptocurrency space?
Not only does IBA provide administration and reporting support to help track funds, but we can help generate financial statements that provide the full context of the market for your investors and potential investors, plus the statements required by your local jurisdiction. Tokenization of interest payments within a fund can easily create a compelling, efficient, and streamlined economic benefit with high net return potential. Showcase the benefits and achievements of your fund with IBA’s reporting tools for public, private, and regulatory needs.

Growing Your Investor Outreach

Give your fund its best chance to grow and encourage new investors by providing a clear set of benefits and services to simplify the process. IBA and our partners can help you with due diligence requirements such as AML and KYC, create or support secure investor reporting tools, build an investor portal, and support transaction confirmation reports with the required data you and your investors need to record for applicable taxation.
Plus, our vast network of investor outreach specialists can help you find the most effective ways to promote your crypto funds in lucrative markets through traditional channels as well as crypto-specific social media, ICO websites, and community articles.

IBA is here to support your new crypto hedge fund with administration, management,
development, reporting, and selecting the right channels to advertise and grow.
Reach out below to see how we can help you.



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