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ICO Accounting Services

Our in-house accounting experts and certified partners provide consistent security
to help 
manage your ICO and business with smart accounting.

Create the Right Token and Business

How you create your token and use it to operate your business has a huge bearing on your tax burden and accounting needs. They impact how your token is classified, and rules for different jurisdictions change significantly. That means you need a partner who understands ICO accounting as well as the underlying rules.

IBC experts and partners are here to help you
answer the big questions concerning your cryptocurrency:

Our experts can also help you understand how different countries are treating ICOs and crypto businesses. For example, the U.S. will allow most open source projects to file for non-profit status as a 501(c)(3) during their first year of operation. So, even if you’ve already started, you have different options open to you.


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Choosing the Right
Launch Location

Despite what you may have heard, no country or jurisdiction is inherently tax-free for your ICO. You’ve got to choose the right location and have the right business foundation to achieve a low tax rate during your issuance as well as further operations. IBC Group experts and partners can ensure you’re making a smart choice and help you find which countries and localities are the best for you. We’ll keep on top of the latest in the regulatory environment, so you can focus on running the best ICO and crypto service. Remember: Even if you’re not creating a token in the U.S., you might fall under some U.S. laws if you’re open to investors in the States. We’ll help you understand how to manage this.


One thing most cryptocurrency groups fail to think about until almost the last minute is an escrow. This tool is essential for most ICOs to manage distribution and allocation. IBC offers comprehensive escrow options for ICOs of all sizes, including specialty Bitcoin, ETH, and altcoin escrows designed to hold funds until you’ve met your development needs and are ready to start selling. Escrows are a tool you can use to protect your operations and customers, ensuring you’ll be able to deliver on your ICO promises.

full audits
and reporting

Are your books in the right order? Is your intellectual property protected and taxable?IBC partners are experts are looking through your current business and accounting practices to make sure you’ve got your house in order. That means full reviews and audits plus financial reporting support. Take this to your advisors, so they can understand if you’re on a healthy path for your ICO or TGE. Don’t wait. You need a smart look at your accounting and to start generating reports before your ICO, during pre-sale and ICO sale stages, as well as after you start distributing your tokens and spending the money you’ve earned. Strict financial reporting is your safest way to protect core operations and generate accurate forecasts to have a thriving token.

getting you

We can’t do anything about death, but IBC experts and partners can prepare you for the other inevitability: taxes. Cryptocurrencies and associated profits or losses are taxed in separate ways based on the structure of your crypto and who holds it. You, your advisors, and your companies could all be eligible for different rates and tax structures. We’ll help you figure how your liability and the safest way to start saving, so you don’t get caught off-guard when tax season arrives. IBC Group works with outside C.P.A.s and financial firms, so we can point you to the right people to file throughout the year and in 2019.



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