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IBC International Blockchain Consulting

The IBC team brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in marketing, technology, legal and capital raising to ensure a secure and successful ICO. We also work on various enterprise and educational projects with various governments and enterprises.

IBI International Blockchain Investments

International Blockchain Investments (IBI) provides value-added strategic capital to capable teams, businesses and technologies disrupting existing industries using Blockchain technology. We adhere to a core, long term venture capital investment approach, while strategically capitalizing on investment opportunities provided by liquid cryptocurrency markets.

Sutton Stone

Sutton Stone commercializes ventures and their products in new markets globally. These provide alternative solutions from legacy players to businesses seeking solutions, innovation and market differentiation. In turn, we provide visibility and a reduction of risk to investors wishing to invest in these high-growth ventures. This also helps regions and countries innovate, attract foreign direct investment and build a more robust knowledge-based economy.

ELM Labs

ELM Labs is a consultancy that brings some of the highest caliber talent and deepest experience from the Bitcoin and Blockchain space to those looking to leverage its benefits. We specialize in high-level system architecture, white paper creation and review, deal flow technical due diligence, and related software development.


Accubits help businesses in multiple industry domains to create new business models with smarter and more secure applications built on top of blockchain technology. With better controls and intelligent automation capabilities, AI equipped blockchain solutions help companies revolutionize their customer experience with new service models.

Pitcher Partners

Pitcher Partners is an association of full service accounting, audit and advisory firms with a long standing reputation for providing superior expertise and advice to clients with a particular focus on the middle market. In fact, when we formed in 1991, we did so with the specific goal of providing services to these middle market businesses who we believed then and still believe today deserve the best possible accounting and advisory services.

Lemur Legal

Lemur Legal is a team of leading legal experts for startups, angel investors, accelerators and IT companies. They cooperate with government, regulators and chambers of commerce to gain a deep understanding of blockchain systems and the legal challenges of the sharing economy. Lemur Legal’s consulting services are able to link the conventional and parallel “crypto” economy. As co-founders they also participate in various projects in the field of blockchain, personal data protection and fintech.


An all-inclusive end-to-end service covering multi-channel Direct2Consumer, Direct Response TV & retail distribution, sales & marketing, logistics & accounting, sourcing & quality control, web development & IT, branding & PR, team management & HR as well as product design & development in over 40 countries.


Itsvit believe the software and services of the 21st century must be personalized, always up-to-date and available 24/7. The way to make it true is combining the DevOps methodologies with the Big Data power, predictive analytics and machine learning. They take our pride in harnessing the decade of experience in custom software development and delivering cloud services for providing top-notch products for financial, analytics and marketing sectors.


smartSense Solutions is a custom software, ERP and mobile apps (Android and iOS) development company. We analyze the requirement of clients thoroughly and find out how to implement the best solution. We always develop our projects using latest tools and technologies so they can run in all the updated devices perfectly.
We work based on milestones and always reach them before the deadline does. We promote overt discussions with our dealers, clients, employees and all other business relationships.
We seek, create and thrive at opportunities to develop what people may have never thought of before and will not think of else after using it. We do not code to provide service, we code for “joie de vivre”.


Techracers is a global IT company providing a wide array of services including Blockchain Application Development, custom software development, web application development, mobile application development, cloud computing and IoT solutions. Since 2012, they have been creating state of art web and mobile solutions for innovative brands worldwide. A team of 200+ racers work with startups and enterprises globally to implement successful, revenue focused and engaging businesses for them. Awarded as the fastest growing and innovative IT company of India, we transform ideas into reality.


DevGenesis is a Blockchain company focussed on building innovative decentralized applications and core Blockchain solutions, with a vision to help partners embrace Blockchain for better transparency, accountability, security and collaboration. DevGenesis have an expert team of Blockchain enthusiasts that have ample experience in developing innovative Blockchain Solutions for Finance, Healthcare, asset management and many other sectors.

Blockchain Expert Solutions

A Blockchain based services company providing state of the art all rounded Blockchain services to clients all over the world. We are developing evolutionary building blocks, starting with safe & tranquil environment in order to gather greatest outcomes and shape our team to be a great part of shaping the new world.
Our clients are our success and we go beyond our ways to ensure that each of our clients are more than satisfied with us. We allow our team to interact with clients directly which equips our team to learn beyond ordinary work and communicates our transparency to clients



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