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“We developed a solution
to deal with all your taxes,
while you enjoy your profit.”

~ Mario Nawfal, CEO


IBA offers a full range
of blockchain accounting services to help you
and your business thrive:

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About IBA

~ International Blockchain Accounting ~

The world of cryptocurrencies is growing ever more diverse and larger.
Blockchain and bitcoin bookkeeping are needs you’ll need to address, so let us help you. We can connect you with bitcoin accounts, blockchain bookkeepers, and bitcoin fund consultants to meet all your needs.

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Cryptocurrency Accounting Services

IBA provides an expansive number of key services through our network of experts and IBC. We provide ICO account consultation in a variety of forms. We look to team your ICO with the best cryptocurrency accountant for your crypto bookkeeping while also supporting your ICO in other ways. We provide personal cryptocurrency taxation consulting, connecting you to cryptocurrency CPAs for your bitcoin accounting and other crypto accounting needs. Finally we help coordinate fund administration for businesses and heavy volume crypto traders, including bitcoin fund administration and connecting you to bitcoin fund auditors as needed.

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Testimonials for IBC & IBA

Tax Preparation and Cryptocurrency Accounting

IBA is the first and only national fintech firm to offer Bitcoin, altcoin, and other cryptocurrency and blockchain related tax preparation and accounting consulting services. IBA and our partners can assist your business with managing its tax needs as well as advise leadership, team members, and other partners on their tax requirements.
We help crypto and blockchain business customers with tax returns, reviewed entirely by U.S. Certified Public Accountants, or C.P.A.s, and other robust partners. This pairing provides added protection and requirements for you during the accounting and tax preparation process as well as for any audits or reviews from the IRS.

Who do we help?

Crypto Miners

High-frequency Traders

Crypto Executives

Early Adopters



Asset Managers


Blockchain Leaders

IBA and our partners offer complete tax preparation and filing services for clients in all 50 states.
We also have staff and relationships available year-round for accounting needs, tax estimates, identifying opportunities to save, protecting your assets, and teaching your team when and what they need to record during any cryptocurrency blockchain transaction.

The IBA Team

Leading Experts in Crypto & Accounting

Gerry Myton
Gerry MytonLeading authority on VAT in the UK and the EU
Benjamin Banks
Benjamin BanksGlobal AML & Fintech Expert
Alexander Rodriguez
Alexander RodriguezManaging Attorney of Blockchain Legal, P.C.
Dr. Jason Corbett
Dr. Jason CorbettFounder and Managing Partner of Silk Legal & International Blockchain Legal Veteran
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